Dr. Maria Scott Celebrating 20 Years Free of Glasses

How about $1,000* off to enjoy the freedom of LASIK?

20 Years Ago...Dr. Maria Scott traded in her glasses with laser vision correction.

"Although laser vision correction was fairly new at the time, I took the plunge and it changed my life forever. Since that day, I have never looked back. As an Ophthalmologist, I am reminded daily of the incredible benefits of great vision. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and recommend it not just as a LASIK surgeon, but as a patient. I can tell you personally, my love for skiing on the water and the slopes is so much better - even 20 years later!"

Dr. Maria Scott


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*From now until October 31st, 2016, Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center and TLC Annapolis LASIK are offering $1,000 off bi-lateral LASIK surgery. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.