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Skin Care Treatments

Melanie Simmons, our medical aesthetician, offers patients a wealth of knowledge in skin care and anti-aging skin therapy. She creates an individualized plan for each patient to achieve beautiful, long-lasting, healthy skin. Click here to view Ms. Simmons' credentials.

After a thorough evaluation of many skin care companies, Dr. Zwick and Ms. Simmons have selected a series of medical-grade skin care products for different skin types. These products may be used for a daily skin care regimen or may be part of a doctor-recommended pre- and post-surgical skin care regimen to supplement the natural healing process.

ZO Facial Treatments

ZO Brightening Facial
Restores Skin Clarity and Reduces Discoloration

This facial begins with a moisture-rich cleansing and mild exfoliation. It is followed by a vitamin-fortified calming massage. To further brighten the skin, Ossential Skin Brightening sheet masque with arbutin and green tea is applied to minimize the production of excess skin pigment and supply ample hydration to the tissue. The treatment concludes with powerful ZO antioxidants, coenzymes and sun protection to inhibit melanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

ZO Ultra-Hydrating Facial
Hydrates and Rejuvenates Moisture-Depleted Skin
This elegant facial begins with a gentle hydrating cleansing and exfoliation to remove surface debris. Ingredients such as mulberry, licorice root and bearberry extracts are used to enhance brightness and clarity, improve skin texture and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. ZO Aloe Hydra gel with cucumber and chamomile is applied to cool, calm and soothe the skin, follwed by light facial massage to minimize facial stress and maximize relaxation. The treatment finishes with DNA repairing enzymes, hydrators and sun protectors enhanced with natural melanin.  Your skin will be vibrantly clearer, firmer strengthened and protected.

ZO Herbal Enzyme Facial
Stimulates cellular turnover and improves skin tone, texture and clarity in less than 60 minutes.
This facial begins with a gentle hydrating cleanser and exfoliating polish to remove outer dead skin cells which will enhance the penetration of the active ingredients.  Herbal papin and bromelain enzymes also gently exfoliate and remove surface debris.  A soothing, hydrating mask with aloe, cucumber and chamomile extract are added to sooth the skin and restore hydration and moisture.  The final result is improved skin texture and an overall healthier appearance.

Facial Peels

SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel
This peel is appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or those looking for a gentle, superficial peel to make their skin brighter and more radiant.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel
The Vitalize Peel is suitable for all skin types and for patients with moderate skin conditions including sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and melasma. This peel requires little to no downtime and produces predictable, noticeable results.

SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel
The Rejuvenize Peel is a superficial peel designed for moderate to severe skin conditions. This peel penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis and produces the most amount of exfoliation.

Complimentary Skin Consultations with Melanie
Call Melanie directly at 410-571-8733, ext. 155 or email

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Skin Care Treatments
Melanie Simmons
Melanie Simmons